Welcome to Brain & Cognitive Society

The Brain & Cognitive Society (BCS @IITK) is a student society at IIT Kanpur. We aim at studying Brain Science to reverse engineer human intelligence to create more general and intelligent AI's for the future world. To achieve this we try to probe it from both ways i.e. developing better computational models of human cognition as well as relating the individual functionality of artificial computational models with that of humans. Our work is highly interdisciplinary and thrives at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and computational cognition.

Throughout the semester we carry out following types of activities in our society:

Journal Club
Here we meet to discuss and talk about the latest ongoing research in this field. This is conducted weekly on Friday night of 2 hours long duration. Where interested students present a short talk on some latest articles which they found to be interesting to share. This helps significantly in developing and maintaining curiosity and in spreading the latest research among the campus. Have a look at our activities in the journal club here.

Semester Projects
We promote three types of projects:
  • Replications of previous work: Whether the previous works are reproducible or not plays a great role specifically in experimental psychology. We try to target some of the most influential results of past research and check whether those results can be reproduced or not.
  • Working on a new idea: We also support some of the projects on the latest ongoing research in our area of interest.
  • Projects for Learning: Many of the projects are encouraged just for learning purposes. To provide support and guidance to students who don’t have much experience and would like to jump into our area of interest.
Have a look at our ongoing and completed projects. If you are an IITK student and looking for a project under BCS please check out our vacancies.

Talks/ Lectures
We organize talks and sessions with people who are working in this similar area, this includes talks by professors, Post-Docs, PhDs, and any other experienced individual. We also conduct lectures and workshops to provide the necessary background to newbies.