SnT Pavillion and Train the Brain Challenge Nov '20

November 21, 2020

The details of all the projects can be accessed through the Projects page.

Hello Y20!

We bring to you an exciting and fun-learning opportunity “Train the Brain”! To participate, give an interesting yet suitable name to the projects we showed you in the orientation(Slides). Mind you, you don’t have to be a neuroscience-pro to give names to them- suggest names based on whatever you understand from them: this activity is meant to give you a good introductory exposure to cognitve science and what the club deals with! Submit your responses below.

You can check those projects again on our website!


The results of “Train Your Brain” are out, Congratulations to Prashant Mishra, Prakhar Pratap Mall and Ritam Pal on coming up with such innovative names and winning the competition. Tell us about your experience with BCS so far and what ideas and activities you wish to explore with us in the future using this form: Form